Undiscovered Maine

Undiscovered Maine represents a University of Maine Business School research project with a goal of exploring economic development within Maine via the Internet and social media. The web site uses a portal approach to provideĀ  information and resources about some of the beautiful regions of Maine that most people do not yet know about! It is a collaborative space that with our Facebook page, is continually evolving. Therefore, we hope to help people discover the phenomenal beauty in these “undiscovered” Maine areas. We also hope that small businesses will find the business resources part of the site useful in understanding how the Internet and social media provide value to them via increased promotion and to leverage resources for greater competitive advantage. This introductory podcast will help you navigate to Undiscovered Maine’s Social Media Center. Please stay in touch and let us know how we can help your business with promotion, collaboration and expand your reach!

To learn more about this research project, please click on this “About Us” link.

The traveler resource section focuses on three major regions of Maine (see map below):

Map of Maine's major regions

Map of Maine’s major regions